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Web designing institute

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If you are a Company or Employer & looking for candidates in the field of Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D, Video Editing, Voice Overs etc. Simply email your requirements & you will start getting calls for relevant candidates.

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Do you need Jobs in the Responsive Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D, Video Editing, Wordpress, Bootstrap, Magento, Openkart, Prestashop. Simply get connected with our Network & start getting job updates!

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Web designing cours for students-freshers

For students/ FRESHERs

Are you a Fresher or Student & dont want Institute type courses. We can help you get Training directly in Companies by Working Professionals. You will get Company Experience & Jobs.

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Gravity Careers - for Students/ Freshers
Web designing, Graphic Designing, Web development, Video Editing, Voice Overs, Films Company Internships

Today there are hundereds of Institutes in every nook & corner of Delhi, NCR & each claiming to provide best professional trainings. A new comer is bound to get confused on where to learn. If you are a little more smart & professional minded then by using the unique concept of Gravity Career Network you can get a chance to Learn everything Professionaly in Companies by Working Professionals or Freelancers spread all across Delhi, NCR. You can go learn in Companies & even at your home on Company Projects. In comparison to Institutes where you learn at place where actualy no work is going on & eventualy you learn by so called Professionals who are actualy teaching only, this Network helps you Learn Directly in Production Houses, Film Studios, Web Designing, Graphic Designing Companies & that too by Working Film Editors, Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Voice Over Artists, Dubbing Sound Studios etc. You get hands on working Experience, Company will give you experience letter, & total job security after you are professionaly trained.
So if you are the one who don't want to learn in Institute classrooms & want to acquire the real Industry skills inside the Industry Gravity Career can help you find best Web & Graphic designing Company, a Film Studio, or Sound recording studio etc to Learn & make your career in the fields of Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Audio and Video Editing, Voice Overs, Web Development etc in Companies by Working Professionals.

Web designing courses in Delhi

Web Designing

Do you want to make websites, but have no previous experience? Get training in a Web Designing Company if you don't want to learn in a typical web design institute in Delhi. It gives you a perfect place to learn web designing. You'll will learn designing in a practical manner. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to create a fully responsive websites with multi-column pages that are compatible for all mobile devices. This Web Designing course emphasize on developing skilfulness to create professional and good websites. Learn with latest techniques and current web standards - including HTML5 and CSS3. With GravityCareer Network you will learn the effective design techniques, how to make user friendly websites and master all the topics of web designing. You will learn the principles of web design directly from the professionals or freelancers who make websites. HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery, CMS(Wordpress, Joomla) can be used to create websites. Together with Jquery, PHP HTML5 & CSS3 give a great scope in web designing field. Make Responsive Websites using Bootstrap Course in Delhi, NCR, India. Choosing through GravityCareer Network is better than a web designing training institute method as you will learn from Working Web Designers in Companies & not Faculties & you will be connected with Companies where Website work is already going on & not just an Institute classroom coaching course.

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Graphics Designing Courses in Delhi

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is a communication use to deliver ideas in a visual manner. Graphics is creative field. Designing is used in various fields from advertisenmets, newspapers to packaging designs. Graphic Designers are responsible to make creative and interactive designs. This is a course in which we design logo, banners, brochures, CD covers, booklets, cards and much more Graphic designing field is a creative world and their is a great scope in this field. Learn & jobs Graphic Designing in Graphic Designing Companies by Graphic Designers Freelancers at all locations in Delhi, NCR, & at Home on Company Projects. Much better option than some institute type of course on graphic designing training it gives you an in-depth technical knowledge and reveal the skills to produce quality outputs. Graphic design course with our Network helps you to reach your calibre and this course will teach you best designing techniques in Delhi, NCR. if you want to be a Graphic Designer. There are various tools and softwares using which you can create visuals, attractive designs by having good observation and analytical thinking. Through Gravity Career Network we can help you Learn Graphic Designing Directly by Working with Graphic Designers who are working daily on Company Works. You will learn & work on ongoing company projects.

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Audio and Video Editing

Do you want to Make career in Video Editing. Through Gravity Career Network you get a chance to Learn Video Editing directly at Film Studios in Delhi-NCR. A career in film and television editing is both creative and monetarily satisfying. This training is especially meant for people who don't want Institute type class room coaching on concepts. The program offers you a chance to Learn & Work as Video Editors with Professional Video Editors who are working on Films, Documetaries, Ads, TV Promos, Dubbing Films, Serials etc

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Web Development courses in Delhi

Web development

This Web Development course offers you an opportunity to learn how to make dynamic websites using HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP in an easy manner. Web Development is used to develop web pages,online shopping sites, responsive websites etc.Now a Days responsive websites are used in mobiles, tablets & other. So this job has to be done by a developerThis couse gives you an in-depth knowledge and provide practical training.You will develop websites through HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP & MySQL, Wordpress, Magento, Bootstrap & other softwares.

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Short term Internship

learn html5


HTML 5 is the most advanced version of HTML 4 for design less documentation and common tags for mainly used tags as header , footer, NAV, section, article, aside & many more in these best html5 courses in Delhi with Gravitymultimedia.

learn css3


CSS 3 is the most advance version of CSS launched to introduce new features like border, gradient, animation etc with Gravitymultimedia. This CSS 3 course is the best CSS3 courses in Delhi to teach each and every code with full explanation of all new codes so that everyone can learn easily.

web development learn wordpress


WordPress is an open source free web site creation software which is written in PHP. It starts in 2013. Now a days 4.0 is the latest version or WordPress.It's the easiest and most powerful blogging and website creation & content management system (or CMS) in present days.

learn bootstrap


Bootstrap responsive framework from Gravitymultimedia gives the training to students to build websites that automatically reflect each user’s screen resolution(mobile, tablet, desktop), device size, and viewing experience with the use of responsive web design latest features.